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  • Handheld Infrared Wireless Microphone


  • Infrared Wireless Microphone


  • Hand-Free Infrared Wireless Microphone


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Handheld
  • Trantec's simplest plug and play UHF handheld microphone system, designed to launch you in to the world of wireless. It's rugged and compact frame holds a reliable multi-functioning system with 4 switchable channel 70 licence free frequencies, fully synthesized PLL quartz tuning technology, and is suitable for vocal or speech reinforcement applications.


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Lavalier
  • The S4.04 Series is Trantec's simplest plug and play system, designed to launch you in to the world of wireless. It's rugged and compact frames hold a reliable multifunctioning system that is optimised for use with a range of microphones from handheld, to lapels, to headsets or alternatively can be used with a musical instrument.


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Handheld
  • The Trantec S4.10 Series is designed to make multi channel wireless as simple as possible. The system is encased in a sturdy yet compact metal frame. It can be used with a wide range of microphones, or musical instruments making it the perfect solution for amateur and semi professional musicians and theatre performers.


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Handheld (2CH)


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Mix (2CH)


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Lavalier


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Lavalier (2CH)


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Handheld
  • S5.5 Series 25 years after pioneering the first readily available radio mics, Trantec's foresight and imagination has again taken wireless to a whole new level with their groundbreaking S5 Series. Based upon the award winning S6000, widely used in Theater and broadcast, the S5 Series promises a powerful set of features combined with an exceptional performance/cost ratio. For venues of any size, we suggest you check out the specifications of this remarkable system.
  • The S5.5, one of our latest multi-channel UHF products, is the big brother of the successful S5.3 system; it has up to 35MHz of bandwidth that will enable you to run up to 24 channels simultaneously at a price you will find hard to match.


  • TRANTEC Wireless Microphone Lavalier
  • ไมค์ลอยแบบหนีบปกเสื้อ Fully synthesised UHF dual conversion receiver with features including graphic LCD, display jog wheel, IR data link, and headphone monitor.