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  •  17’’ true color touch screen, easy for use
  • Full digital transmission;transmitted mainly by network(LAN)
  • Industrial circuit board for stable running


  • Fully digital design, with hi-fi and high speech transmission index
  • Built-in offline local timed playing function backed up in SD card automatically;
  • Clear digital display with real-time clock or progress time by setting;


  • Touch panel control, luxurious design, TFT true color screen display;
  • Equipped with the basic operation functions of the host, including audio source choosing and etc;
  • Can play the files chosen by the host, and also can choose the files that stored in the terminal for play;
  • Host override function available, able to paging to other zones from this terminal, can also accept paging from other zones and the override of host emergency broadcast;


  •  Support 100/10Mbps self-adaption TCP/IP network transmission protocol
  • 7-inch true color LCD display, graphic interface and touch screen operation
  • High fidelity and handheld dynamic microphone
  • Multiple level indication function